You Have The Power.

STOP THE PRESSES! “Wait a gosh darn minute mister – don’t you know we are in a Pandemic here. People are getting sick and you want me to shake their hand?! ARE YOU CRAZY!”

    Well you are correct, we are in the middle of COVID-19, but that is not going to last forever. This too shall pass. 

    Once we are allowed to get out of our houses, and go back to our “Brick and Mortar,” we can start becoming close to people we work with again. However, we don’t have to wait till then, there are things we can do now that will make us likeable.

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In September of 2019, I started driving for LYFT full time, and I was pretty successful at it. I was happy, I had left my brick and mortar for the last time, and I had embraced the life of a rideshare driver – I loved it.

    Last January, our family moved into a new neighborhood. We moved from an apartment to a house on a little dead end street. Our moving truck wasn’t little by any means, and it took up the whole street. One neighbor came out and told me that her daughter was due home and wanted to know how long I was going to be blocking her way. It wasn’t rude, but it wasn’t congenial.

    Over the next couple of months, I came to know my neighbors on either side of me, One is a contractor and the other was a single mom and her biker boyfriend (That is another post). We had all become really close friends… Then COVID hit.

    I was still driving, but things were starting to shut down, and my doctor prescribed me a medication for my asthma which diminished my immune system, so I had to stop driving – that was in March.  However, I was still able to be friendly to my neighbors. 

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    You see, even if you are staring at the same four walls inside your house, and you are social distancing like you should be. You still can be friendly to people around you. I have spoken to the people that live around me from my front driveway and from my back porch. I watch my neighbor’s house when she is away, and she has let me borrow her truck to make a dump run.  I also watch the other neighbor’s house and they resiprocate when we leave for a weekend.

    The purpose of this post is two fold: First, COVID isn’t going to be around forever – we will get back to a state of normalcy even though that normalcy will be different than what we are used to. Second, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter your age, sex, religion, sexual orentation, political affiliation – you have the power to brighten someone’s day. You have the power to be congenial.  Just be safe doing it.

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