Be Gracious

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Part of being someone that people want to be around, is being gracious. Being civilized and considerate. We seemed to have lost a lot of grace in our society: It is time we brought it back. Grace should never be out of style. I don’t want to turn this into a political blog, I am not political – and I think that politics should not be brought up in polite conversation – that being said… here we go!

So I am bothered by the chest beating that is going on in Washington right now. I am reading it all over social media and listening to it on the street.  There is no need for all this posturing. I have even heard some supporters of former president Trump saying they want a revolution! There is nothing to revolt against, It is time for this administration to step aside.

Looking at who lost the previous elections starting from President Ford to Senator John McCain’s they all pretty much say the same thing. They thank the people that volunteered, they thank the people that voted for their race. They congratulate the winner and offer their support to the president – if they were president, they plan to move out the following January.

It takes grace to leave when you are defeated, it takes even more grace to congratulate the winner. When two teams meet each other on the field, one takes the win and the other takes the loss. The losing team always congratulates the winning team and the winners graciously say, “Good game.”

Why is the current president not accepting facts and bowing out gracefully? Why can’t he see that the race is over? There were celebrations around the world when the election was called, yet he wants to sue for recounting the votes – does he think he can make up 4 million votes?

But that is not all – Republican leaders are telling him to keep fighting. The game is over – let it go. 

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So what can we learn from all of this? To be congenial, we need to play by the rules. We need to see when the race is worth putting in all of your effort, and respond with grace when the race is over – weather you have won or not. Pouting and throwing tempers is not going to do anything but make others believe you are a “poor sport.” 

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