Be Responsible

Why does it seem that taking responsibility isn’t done anymore? Some people view taking responsibility is a weakness and not a strength. However, taking responsibility takes on several different faces. Today I am speaking about taking responsibility in regards to caring for someone.

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I have a neighbor that during the summer was living with her biker boyfriend. They seemed to have fun with each other, always having some sort of party or another. He had a bounce house that he bought and would have his daughter over to play. 

They would be out early in the morning in their front area, and night they would be on their back porch. They always seemed happy, even though they were not very affectionate towards each other. They were always friendly, and even passing off some things to my granddaughters including a bike, helmet and some candy and toys.

One day the guy – I will call him Steven – saw me in the front of my place. He announced that he was going to start moving out slowly and quietly. He was just tired of all the commotion that came from living there. He said that his girlfriend – I will call Amy – was too wild and that he didn’t want his daughter to be around that kind of negative influence.

Two days later I saw a moving van outside of their house. I teased, “This isn’t slow or quiet.” He told me that Amy told him that if he wanted to move, then she wouldn’t stop him. So that day he went out and rented a moving van.

Two more days after that, we heard him yelling at her and he left on his motorcycle. She was outside crying. We found out that day that she was pregnant. Steven had told her that she was pregnant, and then when she found out that she was pregnant, Steven said it could not be his and accused her of having sex with someone else. She had enough and told him that if he didn’t want to take responsibility for the baby, then he was not welcome there anymore.

He came back a couple of days later, and the police were called, as he tried to trespass on her property. 

There were a lot of things that Steven did not take responsibility for, the biggest one was not taking responsibility for his unborn child. 

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Irresponsibility is rampant in our society today. We see the lack of responsibility from the political arena to the guy on the street holding a cardboard sign. Times get tough, things happen, but when we start blaming others instead of taking the heat, our own integrity takes a hit. We find ourselves sliding down the very steep slope from the top of the hill that we were perched on. If you want to get back on top of that hill, you will need to start taking responsibility for your actions and bring back your integrity.

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