Season of Giving

I need to admit something – I suck at gift giving. Really, I do: Just ask my wife. I have never hit the nail on the head with any gift I have given her – or for that matter, anyone else. I realize I suck at it, and now that the season of gift giving is upon us, I am scouring the Internet for anything that might make my wife look at me with an expression I have never seen – That, “Wow” expression.

It is not my wife’s fault, I fully take the blame for this. I should know what gift to purchase for my wife, after all, I have been married to her for 33 years. But every year around this time and around her birthday, I feel at a complete loss. I look through ads, I go to stores, I look on the internet, and nothing screams at me – “Your wife would absolutely love this.”

So this year is no different than last year, and all prior years. I think I have successfully surprised my wife once in our 34 Christmas’ together. That was last year when I bought her an iPad. Now my granddaughter uses it for learning and entertainment. 

Photo by Jill Wellington on

My wife and I had a discussion about this, and she said it is because she has done all the shopping during our married lives – she is correct, but it still is my fault. She purchases all of the presents for the kids each year, she puts a lot of thought into what she gives. She starts thinking about presents as early as September, She starts purchasing in October, and by Thanksgiving, her Christmas presents are purchased.

I am not that organized.

By Cyber Monday, I will start thinking about what to buy my wife, and I will scour the Internet, and pre-COVID, I would go from store to store looking for something to put under the tree. Last year – the same time I surprised her with the iPad, I purchased glass reusable straws. My wife looked at me with this look of, “Really?” My wife is too much of a lady to be demeaning, but I knew when she opened it that it wasn’t even close to perfect. 

I know I am not the only guy out there that needs to step up the game of gifting, but is there any help out there for us guys that suck at getting the right gift? I will be exploring this, and maybe some gifts for guys as well.

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