Daily Heros

Photo by Roy Reyna on Pexels.com

We have all seen those action heros – ones with super powers, or those running through burning buildings, chasing bad guys, or landing planes on the Las Vegas Strip. But is a hero only defined as this?

I think this last year – the year of 2020 – has shown us, there are many heros out there. They face danger everyday, they sacrifice everyday, and they don’t back down even in the face of adversity.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am speaking about all of the frontline workers – The nurses, doctors, police and firefighters. I am talking about those that have to be vigilant even while the rest of us shelter in place.These people run into danger and not away from it.

Even as this pandemic lingers, There are people putting themselves out there in the face of danger everyday. I am proud to say that my youngest son is one of those people. He is an Army Nurse and he works in the COVID ward at the hospital where he is stationed. This is a job that he wanted, and he has excelled at it.

However, there are those that aren’t in the high visibility jobs that still have persevered through this entire crisis. My second oldest boy works for a grocery chain, and he has also been working through this crisis. He has to interact with people, and even though there are safeguards he still is put in harm’s way to make sure people have the necessities of life.

My youngest daughter works at a major manufacturer of electronic equipment. She inspects the manufacturing locations to insure they are following cleanroom protocols. She needs to leave everyday and has during this whole pandemic. Even though she works in a clean environment – there still is a danger she faces with people she comes in contact with everyday.

My wife and oldest daughter work outside the home, they are in an empty office but their office building is far from empty, so as you can see, they have the possibility of coming into contact with someone that has COVID.

My oldest son works for the State of Washington, and he is working from home. however, he is still doing his part – as all the other state workers working from home – to keep the state running.

The fact remains that these people – including my family – have been able to keep the wheels of the nation rolling during this calamity. I am proud of my family and all that they have done and accomplished. 

This has been a very difficult year, it has been long and arduous, but as time marches on while this virus continues to carry on and loiter about, we can thank those selfless people that are on the front lines everyday. So let me start – Thank you family for all you have done and will continue to do.

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