Life Goals

My life goals have changed the older I get. My “bucket list” as it were has adjusted and twisted and turned and realigned itself so many times that my original plans for my life are different than when I was younger. Still, it is alright, right?

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When I was about nine years old, I was really into briefcases. I loved the look, I even took a small suitcase to school to put my books in. To say I loved briefcases would be a slight understatement. 

I also loved computers, computers were just starting to hit the scene. There was the Apple II, the Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80, and the Commodore PET. I wanted to get in on the computer scene, my big plan was that I wanted people to be able to use their computer wherever they went. I was studying up on microwave communication so people could communicate even when they were not at home or the office. My dream was to combine the two.

The computer I designed would fit into a briefcase (because I believed everything needed to be in a briefcase) and it had to be small enough to carry comfortably. I called my invention the “Port-A-Com” and I had blueprints and even a non-working model.

My life goals were to sell the invention – I had my sights on Motorola (which had a plant in Phoenix Arizona). I knew that Motorola would take my computer to the next level. 

My Great Uncle was a wealthy businessman, and he ran a ranch in California and owned many quarter horses that he bread and raced . He was always coming to Arizona to visit his mother – my great grandmother – and in the early 80’s I pitched my Port-A-Com to him. He told me that if I could get a working model, he would fund my project and help me get it patented. 

My priority became creating a working model – even though I had no working knowledge of computers – I started trying to figure out my design… then it happened, Portable computers were created.

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My life goals shifted, because during that time I was in music very seriously. I was in the Flagstaff Youth Symphony, I lived, ate, breathed and slept music. I loved music and I was going to go on to be a professional musician – my goal was to be a conductor of the Boston Pops, and to move on to the London Symphony. 

Then my Sophomore year in High School, my parents moved me to another town. This new High School did not have an Orchestra, and their band was a joke at best. I continued in music, but it wasn’t the same.

I took a class in this new High School and I did a project on the Stock Market. My life goals changed yet again and I was going to be a multi-millionaire by the time I was 30. My life goals had me study the stock market and after I got off of active duty, I went  from Job to Job to make it up that “ladder.” All that did for me was made my resume look like I could not hold down a job. By the way, I am still not a milloinare.

My life goals are a whole lot different now. Since COVID I have been a stay at home grandpa, and my life goals are wrapped around my two granddaughters and their well being. I also have life goals of keeping the house clean and making sure dinner is on the table at a reasonable time.

The point is, don’t get discouraged. life goals should be as changeable as the wind, and a shift in life goals might help you make it to something that you ultimately love. I have a great life now, and someday my life goals might change again, but whatever happens, I will flow right into the next adventure.

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