Choose To Do Good

There are a lot of causes out there that anyone can throw their support after. There are several movements that one can wear the badge of and then showered with accolades. But when that person is out of the sight of their adoring fans, what are they really like?

Many people are hypocrites, They stand in the full sun showing the world the best part of themselves, making grand gestures of benevolence and then when they get home, they take their good deeds off like a heavy woolen coat and hang it in a dark closet. Only the closest people know who they really are, and most of them just go along.

I suppose it is natural to want to put your best face forward when out in public; hide behind a mask of deceit. The makeup industry banks on it. But when you can’t hide behind foundation and blush, creation of a fake persona will always do the trick.

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I have noticed some people in the media that don’t even try anymore to hide. They hold the banner and beat their drum. They speak venom and strike out against anyone that has the misfortune to be close enough to be in striking distance.

However, be warned, do not speak out against any of these people and their ideas or their movements – or face disgrace and public humiliation. As long as you appear to be in their corner and wear their badges you are safe, but don’t take that badge off in public. You have been warned.

But we need to create a movement that changes not only the world, but also the person that follows the movement. The movement should be called, “Choose to do good.” But what does it mean to do good? Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and back down from a fight, to let the other person have the upper hand, even when you have a lot of fight left in you.  Maybe just standing up for what is right is good. Helping someone without a thank you. Maybe even just a kind word to brighten someone’s day.

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So is this grand movement even attainable, are we as people able to do good without reward or recompense, because this movement should not have any badges, or banners, there should be no theme songs or days that people show support on their social media pages. This movement should be personal and private in attendance but public in deeds. It should be inside of you, transforming you into a better person – for isn’t this the goal of every living person on this planet – to be a better person everyday.

Accolades should not be sounded and the do gooder should not grandstand their good deeds, but the do gooder should go unrecognized and uncelebrated. These good deeds need to integrate into our own fabric, and make us better for it, for every good deed that we do – makes us a better person just for doing it and creates its own reward.

So just try it – give it a shot today. Do just one good thing and don’t let anyone see it. Don’t look for congradulations or accolades, but just do it. Then feel it inside as you quietly walk away, and you will feel differently.  Good deeds are not a coat you can wear, but a condition of your heart.  

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