It’s a New Day

Good Morning 2021, and Happy New Year. 

I am writing to you today in hopes that you are better than your predecessor, this planet has suffered a lot and a lot happened last year. But I am not going to fill this letter with negativity, because you are new and because we need a year of positivity. I am writing you this letter, because we need love this year, we need hope, we need kindness and peace and a return to normalcy, and not just this new normal. 

2021, We need you to be the pivot in this decade, and not just hang on to the coattails of last year – that year is gone and we don’t want to even use the phrase, “Hindsight is 2020.”

You have a big task ahead of you, and you really need to hit the ground running. There are some positive things that you have a headstart on, but you do have a lot of ground to cover. 

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We need love – in all its forms – from all people to all people. We need to know that just because someone has a different pigment in their skin – every single person out there is special and worthy.

We need hope – the need to see hope in everyone’s eyes and feel the warmth of smiles again. Some of us need the hope of growing enterprise, while some of us need the hope of familial acceptance and strength. We need to find hope not only within, but a shared hope with those around us.

We need kindness – each person needs to treat others the way that they like to be treated. To reach out that hand and lift their brother and sister up out of the mud. We need to look at each person not as a race of people, but as the designation of being human. For we all ride this beautiful planet together and as co-passengers we need to be kind to each other.

We need Peace: rest from all our conflicts both foriegn and domestic. We need help to lay down our signs of protest, our sticks and our rocks; we need to put down our weapons of war and beat our swords into plowshares.  We need to take those hands that have held so much hate and free them to show love. 

2021, last year was like a bad dream that we could not wake up from, but I am asking you… no, I am begging you. Please be the year of our dreams, be the best year you can be, be the best year ever. Help us to make Love, hope, kindness and peace our new normal.

Thank you 2021

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