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I just watched the 46th President, Joseph R. Biden be inaugurated into his office. It was – in my opinion – a very glorious event. I breathe a sigh of relief, and I pray this ushers in a new era of peace and democracy. As my fellow bloggers are writing their take on this historic event, I would like to humbly add my words.

I watched our new President’s inaugural address. and I was inspired. He spoke of unity, he spoke of promise and he spoke of hope. He also told us what we need to do for this new era. This era, where he said will have liberty and justice for all. I believe this will not be just words and ideals, but it will be at the heart of his presidency.

But he charged us, his fellow Americans, with the task of: Listening, hearing, seeing and respecting and that every disagreement did not end up as war. So what does that mean?


We, as a nation, have turned a deaf ear to our neighbors, to those who are in trouble, to the weak and to the homeless in our society. We have not listened to the desperation of the young single mother that has little food for her child – let alone enough food for herself. The person who is so down on their luck that the world passes by without heed. 

We only hear the cries of the latest fad, the people who march and yell their own rhetoric – the sign carrying mob that has taken on the battle cry of the day – but if they cared, they would take care of those who live in the streets they march on. 

We see people that signal for help, only to have on lookers wonder if it is real – how can this person need help?

We need to listen not only to those who have the voice to call for help, but also to the ones whose voice has been stifled by those who oppress them. Don’t let your voice drown out those who talk in whispered tones. Don’t let your agendas overshadow those that are in a daily struggle for life. Don’t let your generosity only be shown to gain popularity and praise from those around you, but give in private.


We need to hear – meaning to understand – what is being told to you. We need to stop looking at the headlines and being led this way and that way. We need to be more than sheep,  but we need to use the minds and resources our God has given us.

We need to hear more than the speeches we make in our own head, but we need to hear what each other is saying. We need to unite as one body, one mind and one soul – as Americans. We need to hear our neighbors and they need to hear us. We need to hear their heart and break out of our own silence to make this nation the nation that the world looks upto again.


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We need to take our blindfolds off. We need to stop focusing on those that get the limelight all the time, the story of the hour and look closer at all the issues we have to face as a nation. We have just come out of a year where all was bleak and seemed like there was no hope. A year that strained our very fabric – as friends, neighbors and people we look up to have vanished because of this horrible virus.

We need to see clearly the road ahead and the future we have as a country – united. We need to see that what was given as truth was not eloquence but inarticulateness. We need to look to a leader that has his whole term in front of him, and give him the support that is due him.  

We need to see that our people, no matter who they are – have worth and should be treated as worthy individuals. It does not matter what skin color they are, how much money they have, how they talk, what they hold as religion, what their sexual orientation is or what their past was: People are all made in the image of God and should be respected as such.


That seems to be a dying attribute in America. We walk out of our doors ready to fight the world and not to let anyone stand in the way, but is this respect? We need to look at the person opposite us and respect them for who they are and what they have accomplished, even if that accomplishment was just getting out of bed. 

We need to respect those who have taken an oath to serve and protect us. We need to be calm and courteous to those men and women that face danger everyday. They need our respect now more than ever. Yes there are men and women in blue that are not befitting the uniform they dawn, but they are not a representation of the whole – they are a slight minority. 

We need to respect those who fight for this county. The men and women who dress in a military uniform daily, so that we can enjoy the liberties that most of us just take for granted.

Every disagreement does not end up as war.

We need peace, we need harmony, we need the understanding that we are not always right and we need to yield sometimes. We need to look at the situation as a whole and not just what we see through our colored glasses. Our world – our nation needs this peace and harmony. We need to stand together – to hold hands and to say to the world we are a peaceful unified country – we will fight to defend her as those before us have. We need to set down our disagreements to make our country strong.

I understand there are some that read my blog that are not from this country, and to those people, I hope that America will once again be a beacon of hope – a hope of democracy, a hope of unity and a hope of peace. For those of you that read my words in this country, I hope you will stand with me as I support our nation’s leadership and pray everyday for the wisdom they need to govern and guide us.

Thank you all very much for reading this, and may God Bless America! 

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