Complainers complain about everything. I must admit, I was and still am in certain respects a complainer. I had another blog years ago, and I put out a blog post everyday. I have gone back to read some of those posts, and I complained in every post. “Oh woe is me!”

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Honestly, I could only read just a few of those posts and I was done. No wonder my blog never went anywhere. If you are a complainer, then figure out what you are complaining about and fix it. My problem was that I didn’t like the job I was in, and it just seemed to get worse. My fix, Ijust quit.

Nobody wants to hear complaining all the time. Now I understand, sometimes things are rough, and you just need to vent to someone. Ask permission first, say, “I have had a hard day, and I really need to vent, could I vent to you?” Give them a chance to say no, and that is alright if they do. If they do listen, accept their advice if they give it.. Don’t just go on a tirade, and then ignore what the other person says, because that is a toxic behaviour. If you need, get a professional you can talk to and vent to, just don’t live there. 

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