Guilt Tripper

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“Hold on, we are going on a guilt trip.” Guilting someone is a controlling and manipulating action; that is the only reason for guilting someone. If you want to be someone that people want to be around, guilting them into whatever action you need at that time is not a way for them to be around – at least not for the long term.

People that guilt are not dependable, but they want everything and need everything. They suck your soul dry, and if the expectations aren’t met – you are made to feel like you have failed them. 

There is never a reason for guilting someone into something you desire – no matter what it is or your justification for it. If you are resorting to that state of manipulation, you need to adjust your thinking and realign your attitude. Happiness is not what you can get from this world, but what you can give. However, when you give, don’t hold it over the person either: Give and let go.

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