The Crusher

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You have met this person, not only do they think they are the smartest person in the room, they press their “knowledge” on those around them and if you disagree with them they will argue until their last breath; you will finally just give up, because arguing with this type of person is really exhausting. 

Not only does this person feel they should argue every point, but they will also put down those around them. They feel superior to everyone else and rarely do they perceive anyone else as their equals. 

The last quality of a crusher is that they think they know best. All of your ideas, dreams,  hopes and ambitions are crushed. Because they perceive you as stupid, their opinion is fact and you are wrong. Anything you attempt at doing, they are on the sidelines telling you that you are going to fail. Sometimes crushers don’t have animosity behind their actions, sometimes they feel their advice will help avoid catastrophe. However, this is toxic

Don’t be a crusher. Sure, you might think you know best, but you need to let the other person live out their dreams. Don’t rain on someone’s parade, if you think their ideas are going to crash and burn, let them make the mistake – unless you think it might cause them death – and be there when they fail – to be supportive not an “I told you so.”

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