Stay Curious

I used to work for an international payroll company, before I went to work as a LYFT driver. The first thing I was introduced to was their “culture.” There were a lot of things that they had in their culture that I had never heard of in my career. Their culture hung on an idea of the “Accountability Ladder.”

At the beginning of my time at this company, I was very intrigued with the idea of the ladder structure. They went through a section each month on different things in their “culture.” But how do you go through the accountability ladder, and why should you bother?

The information below is not talking about people that are in a domestic abuse situation. That is dealing with different situations then what I am dealing with here. Also this is not talking about people who have been victimized by a criminal. This is purely about people that are a victim of their own attitude.

Being the Victim

This ladder of accountability has two sides. The bottom of the ladder is the victim’s behaviors or the powerless attributes. These attributes are:

Unaware: Not knowing what is going on, not staying informed and not paying attention to what is happening. Being unaware can actually be detrimental not only in a professional setting, but in a personal setting as well.

Blame others: Not taking responsibility really degrades your reputation. If you are the type to play the blame game, then you are not taking responsibility for your actions. If you made a mistake, own up to it: Nobody needs to take the heat for your mistake.

Excuses: We have all heard excuses. Some excuses are valid – don’t get me wrong. However, when excuses become the norm, then you become less reliable. Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

Wait and hope: This is the lottery mentality. We can wait for something to happen, or we can make it happen. This is the difference between dreamers and doers. We can wait and hope something will change, or we can be the one to affect change.


Staying curious: When you become curious, you start to open your mind to more possibilities. You can leave being the victim behind and start to move forward. Being curious is a state of mind that brings equilibrium to your thought process. The best way to become curious is to ask fundamental questions.

What – What happened, what was I doing when it happened, what failed, what was the cause of the incident and/or what could I do better next time.

Where – Where did this happen, where did this plan fail and/or where can I make improvements to fix this plan,  

When – When did this happen, when did this fail

Why – Why did this happen, Why did this fail

How – How can I fix this, How can I ensure this doesn’t fail in the future.

Being Accountable

The top of the ladder is where the power is. When you reach this part of the ladder, nobody can stop you, your attitude is more positive and you stop being your worst enemy.

Acknowledge reality: When you start asking questions, you start to acknowledge reality – you can embrace what has happened and how it happened.

Embrace it: This basically means own the issue. You are the one that is taking responsibility, you need to take it and run with it.

Find solutions – This falls under the “How can I fix this.” Do not ever report a problem, without having a solution available. 

Make it happen: Once all your planning is done, then hit the switch. You are the one that can make the issue a success. Be the hero, rule the day!

Having the accountability ladder is a visual representation of where we need to be and where we need to escape from. It is much more preferable to be curious and accountable versus being a victim. Being a victim makes you powerless and freezes you in fear. There is no movement when you are a victim, and until you can climb the ladder, you will not move forward. Once you hit the curious stage, then you can start to become powerful – people will start to notice your strengths and your ability to take responsibility and make things happen.

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