The Norm

I live in the Portland Oregon area, and it would seem that we are a progressive city. We have gay rights rallys, black lives matter rallys, indiginous people rallys, and we host one of the largest fleet week celebrations – every window and yard has the equality flag proudly displayed. We seem to get up in arms when people’s rights are in jeopardy, so there is no descrimination here right? NOPE!   

I belong to a neighborhood app, where people post things all the time, and one such post was a man just moved to the neighborhood and he wrote, “Is hatred the norm in *****? I just moved here, I have left my house twice, and both times I had slurs screamed at me. Is this to be expected…”

I have spoken out against racism before, and coming from a background of racists – I know the hatred that spews from the mouths of ignorant racists. I do not condone such actions. However, racism is rampant still. 

It is time to stop sitting and just letting it happen, it is time to pay attention and treat everyone with respect – regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, color of skin, what church they attend, what they believe and what language they speak. It is heartbreaking that the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” still has this level of ignorance. 

People are targeting the Asian community with hatred because of the COVID. They are being verbally and physically assaulted in many communities. One of the people that I read quite frequently said that she was asked if she cooks her bats completely before eating them. REALLY? America – we are better than this! I swear my inner Samuel L. Jackson is about to come out in full force (If you don’t understand that reference, watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard).

Service members that have sacrificed and given of themselves with very little in pay. Made to live in places they never wished to live and put their lives in danger everyday – they are called baby killers and their property is vandalized. COMEON!

So, is it the norm? Should we just consider this to be someone else’s war? Should we just turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the bigotry, racism, hatred and horrible treatment that our neighbors are enduring, or should we take action? Everyone is getting targeted, and it is just the ignorant few that are doing the targeting. This is wrong and we should put a stop to it, as a human collective. When we see someone that is being racist – call them out. When we see someone that is being targeted – side with them, back them up, give them physical and emotional support. If you are caught in an ignorant moment – stop and think – then apologize and intend to not be ignorant again. We need to be better.

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