I hate it too, this whole “perception is reality.” Why can’t my reality be everyone else’s reality. If everyone had the same perception, then we would live in a very boring world. However, perception can be skewed: Something that is completely innocuous in action, can seem quite the opposite to someone else. Is there a way to combat this, or do we have to walk on eggshells the rest of our lives?

I will be the first to admit, I have not always been the most forthcoming with aspects of my life, which causes a fair amount of distrust. So I really should not be terribly shocked when someone sees my actions as harmful or mischievious (to put it very mildly). Nevertheless, I am always taken aback when I am questioned about my motives. 

Like my wife says time and time again, “You are the one who brought this on.” The worst part of this is that I know it. Can I change others perception and view of me – highly doubtful. Even so, I hope the more I show my actions are innocent and nontoxic – the more my motives will not be questioned.

So let me give this to you as a warning my dear friend. Set out to do things that are good and right. Don’t do things that will sow seeds of distrust or deceit – rather plant your garden with trust and honesty, and your garden will grow in beauty and splendor. If you have a relationship with someone that has not always been honest – Try to read their motives before defaulting to skepticism and mistrust. If their actions are suspicious and they have not tried to earn back your trust, then your opinion and lack of trust will be on their own head.

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