The Sum Of All Our Parts

Guys are better than girls, guys can do more, guys are smarter, guys are faster, guys are the ones to get the job done… BULLSHIT! Sorry for the vulgar vernacular, but really – guys aren’t better, just because we have man parts and can pee standing up, does not mean we are supreme. Please let me remind you, God took the very best part of man to make a woman. A woman does not need a man to be complete – God made her complete. However, a man needs a woman to complete him, because by divine providence, she was taken from him. I am so sick and tired of hearing these chauvinistic, misogynists touting that a man is better than a woman. Once again, I cry BULLSHIT!

I read this post this morning and I am going to quote it word for word.

“…I believe a woman’s body, a mother’s especially, is something to show and honor. I used to be 100 pounds heavier with pregnancy weight, never thought I would get my model figure back or my life, all because of that, and now, as a single mom and doing ALL of this on my own – I’ve worked too hard not to show for it, and I will proudly share my views on the emotional, hormonal and physical changes we as moms go through. Women’s bodies are miracle makers, a work of art, and it’s society that truly sucks and their message that women will never be pretty enough, good enough, that we are less than a man, all because of our lady parts. It’s our god given right to love our bodies, to take care of our health and wellbeing, no matter what, no matter how it looks like to others. So stop making women feel shame because they are simply born female. I will no longer dim my light, and (n)either should you.”

Kortney Reppert

Women – no matter their shape or size, no matter their bend in life, no matter their attitude – they are all special. Women are not easy targets, their minds are not soft, they are not incapable.  Women should be paid the same as a man, if not more – women have been trying to prove themselves since they have been in the workforce, and because of that – they work harder and smarter than their male counterparts. We, as a society, need to stop treating women as second class citizens. Women deserve our respect and admiration!

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