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Who am I 

Let me first say this is not a “guys only” site – even though I am a guy. This is not just for “Straight guys,” even though I am Heterosexual. Everyone is welcome, and the more the merrier.

My name is Thomas Pickard, I am a fifty something guy, I am married, I have kids and grandkids, and a unique – often misunderstood – take on life. 

I see males who are bullies and have been labeled as “Toxic.” I have seen males that are wimpy and lifeless. I have seen misogyny in action, I have seen men not stepping up to their responsibility and I have seen men not really giving any effort to their being.

I have seen women swoon over men that are toxic, then after they have been in the relationship, they are counting the days till it is over. I have seen the “shy guy” being totally ignored, when he might have been the right choice all along.

My purpose is to expose toxicity, so that it can be dealt with, highlight the weak attitudes in other guys and go over how I think a guy should handle themselves. I want all my readers to be the person that other people want to be around. 

I am going to share funny and embarrassing stories from my life, mainly to illustrate a point. I am going to share stories of people I have met, their character flaws and what they could have done differently – in my opinion.

My role here is not to make fun of anyone, not bully anyone and not to call out anyone by name. My role here is to observe and make suggestions.

I am also going to give advice as to health, look at some cooking tips, fashion and other “guy” things.

I am publishing right now every Monday and Wednesday at 7 am PST.

Thanks for reading!

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