There is nothing more attractive than when a person is responsible and they take responsibility; conversely when someone shirks responsibility, it is a big turn off, especially when they are supposed to be an adult. How do you deal with someone that lacks responsibility? What causes a person to be irresponsible? There are several causesContinue reading “Responsibility”

Self Control and Willpower

Self Control and Willpower are very important. Not only to setting and completing your goals, but in every aspect of your life. It has been shown not only to help people attain a successful life, but also a longer life. But what can we do if we don’t have self control? We can actually takeContinue reading “Self Control and Willpower”


Success is as elusive as a Unicorn. You cannot find success or search for it, you cannot strive for success. Success is not the ultimate goal. Yes there are people who are successful,  but how did they get there? Did they have a formula to follow? Success When I was younger, I promised myself thatContinue reading “Success”