I hate it too, this whole “perception is reality.” Why can’t my reality be everyone else’s reality. If everyone had the same perception, then we would live in a very boring world. However, perception can be skewed: Something that is completely innocuous in action, can seem quite the opposite to someone else. Is there aContinue reading “Perception”


I was actually going to write on something else, then I found an article in Psychology Today that really struck a chord. The article was written by Dr. James V. Cordova called Exchanging Ows. It is about how, in an intimate relationship with someone, we will do something or say something that causes our partnerContinue reading “Vulnerability”


Humanity Is the third item in our list of what it means to be strong. It is a virtue that seems to have some lacking in our society as a whole. There are three attributes that make up humanity. They are all important. There is: Love, Kindness and Social Intelligence. It might seem easy –Continue reading “Humanity”

It’s a New Day

Good Morning 2021, and Happy New Year.  I am writing to you today in hopes that you are better than your predecessor, this planet has suffered a lot and a lot happened last year. But I am not going to fill this letter with negativity, because you are new and because we need a yearContinue reading “It’s a New Day”