I hate it too, this whole “perception is reality.” Why can’t my reality be everyone else’s reality. If everyone had the same perception, then we would live in a very boring world. However, perception can be skewed: Something that is completely innocuous in action, can seem quite the opposite to someone else. Is there aContinue reading “Perception”

Affection and Love for Healing.

“To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.” Stephen Levine With all of the physical and mental illness that is rampant in our society today, we need something that will ease the pain and give relief. I am talking about love and affection. I wrote on the subject ofContinue reading “Affection and Love for Healing.”

The Crusher

You have met this person, not only do they think they are the smartest person in the room, they press their “knowledge” on those around them and if you disagree with them they will argue until their last breath; you will finally just give up, because arguing with this type of person is really exhausting. Continue reading “The Crusher”


There are a lot of toxic or seemingly toxic people out there. At one time or another most everyone in society today has a toxic persona. We are only human right? Now I could rehash everything that is online and blogged to death about – concerning toxic relationships and how to heal from toxic relationships.Continue reading “Toxicity”

Dealing with a Bully Pt.1

There are two ways to deal with a bully, sometimes you have to face them, the decision to face a bully is the hardest, gut wrenching, sweat inducing experience that you might ever face. But once you go toe to toe with the bully, you realize they have no power. However, you might have toContinue reading “Dealing with a Bully Pt.1”